RxPRESS is an innovative mobile healthcare solution by Rakkshak, designed to bring health tests directly to the doorstep of everyone. This service aims to bridge the healthcare gap, reduce the burden on existing infrastructure, and promote preventive healthcare. Our RxPRESS mobile clinics visit various locations to conduct a range of medical tests, check 200+ health parameters, adhere to all health and safety procedures, create reports, and assist in diagnosis.


RxPRESS vans travel to various locations to conduct health tests and screenings where they are needed. Each van is equipped with medical tools and equipment, laboratory instruments, and skilled medical personnel who conduct tests and screenings and generate reports. The vans are also equipped with Wi-Fi, laptops, tablets, and software for patient enrollment, test and screening processing, data storage, and teleconsultation.

When a person arrives at the mobile clinic, they meet the receptionist and enroll for a health checkup. The team conducts various health-related tests and screenings. Within 60-90 minutes, the test and screening results are available, and diagnoses are made based on these results. If expert opinions are required, teleconsultations with pathologists and doctors are available.

200+ Health parameters are checked using various tests, including

Blood Tests
Urine Tests
Cardiovascular Tests
Diabetes Screening
Infectious Disease Screening
Women's Health Tests
Men's Health Tests
Eye Examination
Ear Examination
Dental Examination
X-ray Imaging

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Safety is our priority, so we adhere to strict healthcare standards through regular audits and quality and safety control protocols.



A fully equipped van designed to conduct various health tests, and staffed with a medical team to administer tests and screenings at any location.

Expert Team

A team of skilled head nurses, phlebotomists, GNM professionals, lab technicians, compounders, pathologists, doctors for teleconsultation, receptionists, and drivers.

Equipment and Tools

There will be various medical equipment and tools to conduct health checkups, including Ophthalmoscopes, Otoscopes, Dental Instruments, Blood Pressure Monitors, Centrifuges, Laboratory equipment, etc.


Each mobile clinic is equipped with computers, tablets, Wi-Fi, and HMIS systems for smart patient data recording, test reporting, teleconsultation with expert guidance if needed, and efficient management of tests and screenings.


Every RxPRESS van is equipped with an LED screen, offering a platform to display advertisements for anyone including our partners. LED screens can show health awareness messages, brand, product or services. This enhances message, brand, and product/service visibility and awareness.


Increase Healthcare Reach

Expand access to healthcare services in every nook and corner.

Promote Preventive Healthcare

Encourage early detection and treatment to prevent serious health issues.

Help Build a Healthier Community

Foster overall well-being by providing regular health check-ups.

Raise Awareness about Govt programs

Educate communities on various government healthcare programs for them.

Provide Expertise

Offer access to skilled medical professionals for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

No Capital Expenditure

Eliminate the need for substantial initial investments in healthcare infrastructure.

Reduce Burden on Existing Healthcare Infrastructure

It helps alleviate pressure on hospitals and clinics.

Let's join forces to create a safer, healthier, and happier world.