24*7 Ambulance Hotline: +91-800-102-0000

24*7 Ambulance Hotline: +91-800-102-0000

24*7 Emergency

Rescue Service

Rakkshak is a PAN Indian 24*7 Emergency Rescue service provider with network of ambulances and trained rescue squad.

About Rakkshak

Rakkshak is a PAN Indian Emergency Rescue provider that has a network of trained rescue squad, 24*7 ambulance facility, and prompt response center. 

We have the best network of ambulances, with more than 100 ambulances attached to Govt. of Delhi and more than 300 ambulances running across 40 cities of India. Our ambulances are equipped with wheelchairs to stretchers, a first aid kit to an oxygen cylinder, and a thermometer to ECG monitor. 

The ambulances are all-time connected with the network of Rakkshak squad and response centers. All you need to do is call our 24*7 ambulance hotline, and an ambulance will be dispatched to help you out.

Rakkshak ambulance services are available for individuals, families, corporates, and B2G (Govt).

Rakkshak is also dedicated towards women’s safety to make women feel safe at any place, any time.

Women safety

Rakkshak provides India’s 24*7 Integrated Emergency Rescue Service for women’s safety.

While India is known for its culture and tradition, women’s safety is still an issue that is at the heart of every woman. But now, in case of any emergency, Rakkshak rescue team will immediately connect with women and help them. It allows women to report their situations and get help the instant they need it.

Rakkshak’s Women Safety services offer emergency response services for any women in distress conveniently. Rakkshak has a network of trained rescue professionals, 24*7 response centers, and ambulance services to help women in need.

Ambulance services

With a great network of ambulances running across India, Rakkshak provides India’s best private 24*7 emergency ambulance service.

Individual and families

Rakkshak provides ambulance services to individuals and families. You can also book an ambulance for the future for recurring services.


Corporates can tie up with Rakkshak to provide emergency rescue solutions to their employees and customers.


B2G is one of the strongest verticals of Rakkshak. Here we work with Smart cities and State Governments to provide 24*7 emergency rescue services.

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Hospital partnership

Rakkshak has partnered with a lot of hospitals in Delhi.
The partnership is of two types.

Best life-saving innovation award

We were honored at Ravishing Design Awards 2018 as Best Life Saving Innovation Award. The jury was impressed by the results of our efforts. Our team was honored and awarded by none other than Diya Mirza.

Rakkshak was introduced on stage as a simple and effective personal security system that is revolutionizing emergency services in India.

Our gallery

Here are some of the photos of Rakkshak’s network of ambulances as well as trained medical squad.