24*7 Ambulance Hotline: +91-800-102-0000

24*7 Ambulance Hotline: +91-800-102-0000

Hospital Partnership

Get More Patients

Most hospitals are looking for ways to maximize their utilization of beds. Hospitals can tie up with Rakkshak to get more patients. This tie up will help both the hospital and the patient. The patients will receive discounted ambulance service if they opt to go to hospitals that are partnered with Rakkshak, and the hospital will also benefit from this.

Replace Ambulances with Modern and Cheaper Fully Managed Ambulance Service

Instead of dealing with hassles of setting up and running an ambulance service, hospitals can utilize the unique EMSaaS model introduced by Rakkshak that provides full ambulance service, without any Capex. You get access to ambulances, trained staff, 24*7 call center, and specialized software to manage it all.