24*7 Ambulance Hotline: +91-800-102-0000

24*7 Ambulance Hotline: +91-800-102-0000


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Rakkshak Partnership
with Govt Departments

B2G is one of the strongest verticals of Rakkshak. Here we work with Smart cities and State Governments to provide 24*7 emergency rescue services. 

Rakkshak has partnered with the Government of Delhi to provide emergency rescue services to citizens in need of safety and security. 

This partnership was formed in order to increase the efficiency and efficacy of the state’s emergency response services. It is an initiative that focuses on delivering better rescue services to people in distress, services that will be available to everyone, no matter where they are or what time of day they need help.


Rakkshak has pioneered a unique concept of SaaS into EM services. Now, you can get complete EM system, including 100+ Ambulances attached to CATS, Rescue Staff, Call Center, and all supporting software, without any huge Capex. The system is tried and tested and has been used successfully to be trusted.

Rakkshak helped more than 30,000 victims in over a year. You need to just pay a very low cost based on actual usage and Rakkshak takes care of the rest.

Rakkshak runs and manages the complete ambulance fleet on behalf of the partnering state governments. There is no Capex required and either state govts can pay based on usage, or we can bill that to the patients.

The entire model provides a highly efficient ambulance service to the state governments, without worrying about the hassles associated with it.

One of such partnerships is Rakkshak’s partnership with CATS of Delhi Govt.

to provide 24*7 pre-hospital emergency response services across the region of Delhi. During the unforeseen challenge posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, CATS - Delhi asked us to increase the fleet size and we were able to do so instantly, without requiring any procurement / tender / quality check etc., related hassles that such a process has to normally go through.


Rakkshak is 24*7 dedicated to making women feel safe at any time, any environment. We offer emergency response services to any woman in distress in the form of a convenient mobile app. 


Rakkshak provides round-the-clock assistance and rescue to kids in case of any emergency. To avoid any mishap, we track the location of the kids.


Rakkshak is an integrated emergency rescue application for securing the elders when you are not around. Rakkshak is all equipped to help the elder individual in need.

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Governement Request to Increase Ambulances

Rakkshak has been asked by Govt to further increase the ambulances that Rakkshak provides for CATS